Carnivore Leafy Lunch


Why I eat beef.

Every time I consume my food, I give thanks;

to the earth, air, fire, water, animals, and farmers.


Simple  Stir fry

Ingredient: all organic.

Step 4, free range, organic animal friendly 20-80% or 90-10% ground beef

Collard Greens

White or purple Onions

Purple Cabbage 

Sun Flower Oil 

Himalayan Salt 

Ground black pepper

Ground garlic powder 



Chop up desired amount of onions, cabbage, collard greens.

Heat iron pan with sun flower oil.

Add beef, break up into smaller pieces with hands, and cook till a small amount of pink showing.

Add in onions, cabbage, and collard greens.

Mix in garlic, black pepper, and salt.

Cook until meat is well-done and veggies are cooked.

Allow time to cool, chop up avocado, and add to meal. 

 Eat & enjoy!


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