Embracing Crunchy Granola Goodness.


Upon moving to Asheville, I had the most surreal dream about Oats.

Downtown, every Friday weather permitting there is a drum circle.

In my dream, I stood at this location and looked into the sky

a huge eye nebula spoke, “Oats” was all it said.

Why oats?


With so many people becoming aware of their bodies sensitivities to gluten, finding a way to satisfy a once wheat based diet is very important. When removing wheat there must be a replacement that rocks your taste buds so you’ll never turn back.

(If you are just starting to remove gluten from your diet

I recommend a cleanse of 2 weeks with a woodworm and black walnut tincture (check out gaia’s products),

3-4 pieces of raw garlic daily (swallowed whole or chopped), as well a shot of apple cider vinegar am/pm

 to balance stomach bacteria).

Living a wheat free life, can be done and enjoyed. I highly recommend; brown rice, rice crackers, and oats!

GF, gluten free products that are rice based rather than corn will help soothe the stomach and intestines from inflammation.

Being GF can help with; mood dis-orders, inflammation, allergies, blood cleansing, healthy gut bacteria, headaches, and even long term as a cancer preventative!

Awe-some Oatmeal Recipe:

Ingredients: all organic. 

Click on items to learn their healing properties. 

1 bag of Bob Mills Organic Oats (This brand does not currently produce labeled organic GF oats. Oats naturally are GF- therefore, no problem & you save 2$).

A bunch of  Bananas (They can be mashed up and used as a natural sweetener and are the perfect egg sub – they produce a very moist amazing sensation for baked items).


Free trade organic unrefined coconut oil

Bonus: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil 

Flax seeds (ground) 

Add ins:

Organic raw Pumpkin Seeds – if local in Asheville check out Hopey for items such as seeds & nuts in organic bulk.

Organic raw Cashew Seeds

Raw organic Pumpkin

Frozen organic blueberries, strawberries, mango (any fruit!)


Preheat oven to 325-350 depending on heat in your oven.

Place coconut oil on stove to warm up for easy mixing.

One large baking dish any shape or size (glass is best).

Pour enough oats in pan to cover bottom of tray use “guestimation” depending on dish.

        (Depending on how thick the layer of oats- cooking time varies)

Pour in coconut oil and mix until all oats are mixed in with oil.

Pour in as much ground flax seed as you like- the more flax, the more fiber.

Mash in as many bananas as you like (between 3-4 depending on amount of oats).

Sprinkle cinnamon to liking.

Mix in add ins of your choice.

Bake for 15 min, check, and stir.  Depending on texture desired, cook for additional time – for more crunch cook longer.

Upon removing, allow to cool, enjoy, and store in a bulk sealed container.


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