Simple Roots Sunflower Oil


Simple Roots Sunflower Oil 

I love creating and storing this in my fridge, for whenever.

Eating roots that grow deep inside the earth is grounding, healing, and helpful.

Ingredients: all organic. 

Click on items to learn their healing properties. 

Glass bottle with resealable lid for homemade oil

High Heat Sunflower Oil 


1 piece of Burdock Root 

1  piece of  Horseradish Root 


1 piece of Ginger 

A bunch of Garlic


Chop all ingredients.

Burdock root & Horseradish can cut with a peeler like a carrot, then chopped. Or, you can experiment and cut vertically like a carrot then into smaller pieces.

Peel, cut, dice ginger.

Peel, cut, and dice garlic.

Mix with sun flower oil and pour into glass bottle.

Store in refrigerator.

(Recommend to use within 1 months time).

Great for egg salad (replacement for mayo, stir fry, and any dish that requires oils).


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